Do you ONLY photograph kids and newborns?
The answer is simply...no.  I photograph anyone and everyone.  The Portrait Package can be designed for anyone.  The newborn package is separate because it generally takes more time, set up, etc.

What is your style of photography?
I am a natural light photographer.  I love to utilize the sunlight in creative ways.  I never use a flash.  I keep things simple.  I love to capture a moment in time that tells a story, or captures a real emotion between family.   

What should I expect during our session?
Plan to spend the first little bit of time just chatting with me.  We'll get to know each other a little bit, over the phone, during our consultation-- but I will want to get to know the rest of the family too.  I really want to connect with your kiddos.  If they are comfortable with me they will be more relaxed for the photos.  I do take posed photos but I really LOVE to capture moments.  I love authentic smiles, not forced.  I try to capture the true beauty and spirit of each person I photograph.  So comfort-ability and trust with me is KEY.

When should I schedule my newborn session?
Newborns are often my favorite subjects to photograph because they often just sleep and look sooooo sweet and yummy.  It just takes time (which is why appointments are longer) and patience.  The best time to photograph newborns is in the first 5-10 days of birth.  It's important for me to capture all the little details that they only have those first few days.  It's best to book the appointment based on due date and we can adjust if delivery is earlier or later.  I will come to you to make your life easier.  I will most likely move furniture to create a little set up near a window, but I will move it all back :)

When should I schedule my maternity session?
Anytime between 7 and 8.5 months is excellent.

Do you use props in your photography?
Yes, I love to use props.  But as an accent to help tell a story or capture a moment, not to distract.  We can discuss your overall desire look during our phone consultation and figure out if any props (chairs, balloons, buckets, etc.) are needed.  There is no extra fee for props just limit to how many I can carry :)

What do I wear?
That's entirely up to you.  It's your memory.  Personally, I love mismatched and somewhat color coordinated.  You can grab loads of ideas off of pinterest for inspiration.  I often advise clients not to wear shirts or clothes with pictures on them or wording.  When choosing outfits think of your overall look and think classic.  You don't want to look at these images in a few years and have any regrets.  The samples below are posted with permission from inspireportrait.com (Thanks so much Amy Coe).  They are actually outfits from Target, so totally doable, and just great inspiration for us really.  They are summer outfits but you get the basic idea of mixing colors, patterns, and styles and yet it still is a cohesive look.  Check out the diagram below...